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What Do I Have To Do To Get A Drink In This State?

The drinking laws in this state are a little confusing to those who are visiting. (And to those of us who have lived here all our lives too). I will do my best to explain them so they make some sense.

Liquor Sales

All liquor sales are regulated by the state. All liquor stores in Utah are owned and run by the State. 3.2% beer may be purchaced from a grocery or convience store. Everything else must be purchaced from a state liquor store.

Private Clubs

In order to sell hard alcohol, a club must have a "private club liscence". All patrons must purchace either a full year or two-week temporary membership to enter. People with a full year membership can sponsor as many friends as they would like into the club. Temporary memberships may sponsor up to five. Sponsors must be found outside the club, you cannot enter the club without a membership to find someone who has a membership to sponsor you in. Memberships must be at least $12 for a full year, usually they are around $20 it depends on the club. Temporary memberships are usually around $5 or $6.

Smoking is allowed in Private Clubs but not in a restraunt or any other public place. Some Restraunts have a liscence to sell hard alcohol. In order to get a drink in a restraunt, you must be ordering a meal. You have to ask at the restraunt for the liquor menu because it is illegal to advertise the alcohol. In a restraunt you are only allowed to order 2 drinks maximum.

Amount of alcohol

It is illegal to serve a double in this state. You may order one drink and one shot and pour the alcohol into your drink your self but an employee of the bar may not pour it in for you. This is called a side-car. No more than 2 alcoholic drinks per person is allowed on the table at any one time. All alcohol must be poured out of a "clicker" that measures exactly one ounce of alcohol and counts the number of shots poured. It is against the law to give out alcohol "on the house". The club may cut you off any time they feel you have had enough to drink even if you have not caused any trouble.

drunk driving

If you are pulled over for a DUI in Utah, you will most likely be taken to jail and given a fine. The pentalties are not quite clear to me. The legal amount of alcohol in your system is 0.08%. That is about two drinks per hour for an average sized man. Keep in mind that it takes about one hour for an ounce of alcohol to leave your system completely, assuming you have not had anything else to drink. Coffee will not sober you up. Please drink responsibly and have a designated driver or call a cab. There is not a club that I know of who will not call a cab for you if you ask.

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